Surf's Up !

"Woody" is a Southern California surfing term from the Sixties that made its way into mainstream vocabulary after being introduced by groups like the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.  While usually associated with the big 'Yank-Tanks', the smaller Morris Minor Traveller also provides the charm that wooden cars have to offer.

There just aren't many cars that you can drive that are as fun as these. People wave, call out compliments and generally identify with this affordable classic. I've owned my 1969 Morris Minor Traveller for 20 years and when we moved to Noosa from New Zealand I had to bring it with us. This car deserves to live in Noosa, the longboard surfer's heaven.

. . . . Nice dash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Ooo... the chrome

 These wood-bodied station wagons were expensive, hand-built cars favored by dude ranches, country clubs and farm families. They were the "sport utilities" of their day. Wooded classics oozing with rural American charm !

Check out Woody's extensive 'Woody' collection in the reception area at Sandy Beach Resort.